Provided by: mha4mysql-node_0.54-1_all bug


       apply_diff_relay_logs - Generating differential relay logs between the latest slave and
       target slave, and applying all binlog/relay log files. This command is automatically
       executed from MHA Manager on failover, and manual execution should not be needed normally.


       # For checking apply_diff_relay_logs --command=test --target_version=5.1.56
       --relay_log_info=s --slave_user=s --slave_host=s --slave_ip=s --slave_port=i --workdir=s

       # For generating differential log events apply_diff_relay_logs --command=generate_and_send
       --target_version=5.1.56 --scp_user=s --scp_host=s --latest_mlf=s --target_mlf=s
       --target_rmlp=i --relay_log_info=s --server_id=i --diff_file_readtolatest=s
       --target_version=s --workdir=s --timestamp=s

       # For applying log files apply_diff_relay_logs --command=apply --target_version=5.1.56
       --slave_user=s --slave_host=s --slave_ip=s  --slave_port=i --apply_files=file1,file2..
       --workdir=s --timestamp=s --slave_pass=xxx