Provided by: argon2_0~20161029-1.1_amd64 bug


       argon2 - generate argon2 hashes


       argon2 salt [OPTIONS]


       Generate Argon2 hashes from the command line.

       The supplied salt (the first argument to the command) must be at least 8 octets in length,
       and the password is supplied on standard input.

       By default, this uses Argon2i variant (where memory access is independent of secret  data)
       which is the preferred one for password hashing and password-based key derivation.


       -h     Display tool usage

       -d     Use Argon2d instead of Argon2i (Argon2i is the default)

       -id    Use Argon2id instead of Argon2i (Argon2i is the default)

       -t N   Sets the number of iterations to N (default = 3)

       -m N   Sets the memory usage of 2^N KiB (default = 12)

       -p N   Sets parallelism to N threads (default = 1)

       -l N   Sets hash output length to N bytes (default = 32)

       -e     Output only encoded hash

       -r     Output only the raw bytes of the hash


       This  manpage  was  written by Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the Debian distribution (but may be
       used by others).  It is released, like the rest of this  Argon2  implementation,  under  a
       dual  license.  You  may  use  this  work  under  the  terms of a Creative Commons CC0 1.0
       License/Waiver or the Apache Public License 2.0, at your option.