Provided by: gnat-5-arm-linux-gnueabi_5.5.0-12ubuntu1cross1_amd64 bug


       gnat,  gnatbind, gnatbl, gnatchop, gnatfind, gnathtml, gnatkr, gnatlink, gnatls, gnatmake,
       gnatprep, gnatpsta, gnatpsys, gnatxref - GNAT toolbox


       Those programs are part of GNU GNAT, a freely available Ada 95 compiler.

       For accessing the full GNAT manuals, use info gnat-ug-4.8 and  info  gnat-rm-4.8  for  the
       sections  related  to  the  reference manual.  If those sections cannot be found, you will
       have to install the gnat-4.4-doc package as well (since these  manuals  contain  invariant
       parts,  the  package is located in the non-free part of the Debian archive).  You may also
       browse which provides the GCC online documentation.


       This manpage has been written by Samuel Tardieu <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux