Provided by: asis-programs_2017-2_amd64 bug


       asistant - interactive command-line ASIS tool


       asistant program


       ASIS  is  the  Ada  Semantic  Interface  Specification;  it  is an application programming
       interface that allows Ada programs to inspect the structure of other Ada programs.   GNAT,
       the  GNU  Ada  compiler, can parse Ada source text and produce tree files suitable for use
       through ASIS.

       asistant is an interactive command-line tool with a simple language  that  allows  you  to
       inspect  the  semantic  information about a compiled program.  Thus you can learn ASIS and
       try ASIS queries interactively before writing them in your programs.


       gnat(1), gnat2xml(1), gnatcheck(1), gnatelim(1),  gnatmetric(1),  gnatpp(1),  gnatstub(1),

       Documentation  about  the  ASIS  tools  may  be  found  in /usr/share/doc/asis-doc/ if the
       asis-doc package is installed.  The reference documentation about ASIS is excluded due  to
       license     problems,     but     may     be     found     in     various    formats    at