Provided by: asterisk-testsuite_0.0.0+svn.5781-2_all bug


       asterisk-tests-run - run tests for the asterisk-testsuite


       asterisk-tests-run [options]

       The  Asterisk  test  suite is a set of tests to check various versions of the Asterisk PBX
       software. The command asterisk-tests-run runs all the tests, some of them  (selectable  by
       tags), or just a single test.

       The  test  suite  will  detect  if  the test can run on the system (if it has the required
       software to run the test, if it has the required version of Asterisk and  if  Asterisk  is
       built with the required configuration) and if so, will run it.

       This  command  is  mostly a wrapper around of the asterisk-testsuite. This man
       page documents itself except where explicitly mentioned.


   Test Selection
       By default all the tests are selected.

       -t, --test=test
              Only run the selected test. The name of the test is the name  of  the  subdirectory
              including the leading "tests/".

       -g, --tag=tag
              Specify  tag  by which to select tests. If option is used more than once, all tests
              matching any of the tags will be selected.

       -l, --list
              Don't run any test. Just list all of them. Note: the list is long.

       -L, --list-tags
              Don't run any test. Just list all the tags.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options without emitting an error message.

   Other Options
       -v, --version=version-string
              Provide an explicit version of Asterisk to be tested, in case it cannot  be  probed

       -n, --dry-run
              Don't run. Just print the test should be run (or why tests would not be run).

       -H --hide-skipped
              Don't print tests that were not run.

       -o --output-dir=directory
              An  internal  option. Please don't use explicitly with asterisk-tests-run.  Directs
              runtests where to  write  its  output  file  (asterisk-test-suite-report.xml).  The
              script directs it to /var/lib/asterisk-testsuite .

       -c --extra-config=directory
              Pass  extra  configuration  settings from directory/config.yaml.  Most settings are
              not read from that file. Only  test  exclusions  (in  additions  to  tests  getting
              excluded in the the main config.yaml of the tests directory).


              Just run all the tests.

       asterisk-tests-run -g SIP -g AGI
              Run both SIP and AGI tests.

       asterisk-tests-run -t tests/agi/exit_status
              Run one specific test.

       asterisk-tests-run --list
              List all the tests.

       asterisk-tests-run --dry-run
              An even more verbose list

       asterisk-tests-run --extra-config /usr/share/asterisk/test
              Takes extra settings from file /usr/share/asterisk/test/test-config.yaml



                                            2014-08-29                                ASTERISK(1)