Provided by: gnuastro_0.5-1_amd64 bug


       Match - match catalogs by 1D or 2D positions


       astmatch [OPTION...] ASTRdata


       Match  is  part of GNU Astronomy Utilities 0.5.  Match matches catalogs of objects and (by
       default) will return the re-arranged matching inputs. The optional log  file  will  return
       low-level information about the match (indexs and distances).

       For  more  information, please run any of the following commands. In particular the second
       contains a very  comprehensive  explanation  of  Match's  invocation:  expected  input(s),
       output(s), and a full description of all the options.

       All options and their values:
              $ astmatch -P

       Inputs/Outputs and options:
              $ info astmatch

       Full section in manual/book:
              $ info Match

       Full Gnuastro manual/book:
              $ info gnuastro

       If  you  couldn't find your answer in the manual, you can get direct help from experienced
       Gnuastro users and developers. For more information, please run:

              $ info help-gnuastro

       Match options:


       -h, --hdu=STR/INT
              Extension name or number of first input.

       -H, --hdu2=STR/INT
              Extension name or number of second input.

       -I, --ignorecase
              Ignore case in matching/searching columns.

              Select column(s) in: `name', `unit', `comment'.


       -D, --dontdelete
              Don't delete output if it exists.

       -K, --keepinputdir
              Keep input directory for automatic output.

       -l, --logasoutput
              No rearranging of inputs, output is log file

              Output is rows that don't match.

              Out cols in CSV, `a': first, `b': second input.

       -o, --output=STR
              Output name.

              Table format: `fits-ascii', `fits-binary'.

              Catalog matching

       -a, --aperture=FLT[,FLT[,FLT]]
              Acceptable aperture for matching.

       -c, --ccol1=STR[,STR]
              Column name/number of first catalog.

       -C, --ccol2=STR[,STR]
              Column name/number of second catalog.

              Operating modes:

       -?, --help
              give this help list

       --cite BibTeX citation for this program.

              Read configuration file STR immediately.

              Do not parse any more configuration files.

       --log  Information about output(s) in a log file.

              Minimum bytes in array to not use ram RAM.

              Only run if the program version is STR.

       -P, --printparams
              Print parameter values to be used and abort.

       -q, --quiet
              Only report errors, remain quiet about steps.

       -S, --setdirconf
              Set default values for this directory and abort.

              give a short usage message

       -U, --setusrconf
              Set default values for this user and abort.

       -V, --version
              print program version

       Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory  or  optional  for  any
       corresponding short options.

       GNU Astronomy Utilities home page:


       Report bugs to


       Copyright  © 2015-2017, Free Software Foundation, Inc.  License GPLv3+: GNU General public
       license version 3 or later.
       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO  WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.

       Written/developed by Mohammad Akhlaghi


       The full documentation for Match is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and Match
       programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info Match

       should give you access to the complete manual.