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       audio2tape — Sinclair ZX Spectrum audio to tape file converter


       audio2tape [-t type] [-s] [-r] [-k] [-z level] [-c level] infile outfile


       audio2tape converts audio files to ZX Spectrum tape images.


       -t type
              causes  type  to  be  used  as  the level detection trigger. There are two triggers
              implemented; the simple trigger just uses a threshold value to convert to a one  or
              zero  on output, and the schmitt trigger implements a Schmitt trigger which outputs
              a less noisy signal, but requires a stronger signal to noise ratio than the  simple
              trigger. The default trigger is “schmitt”.

       -s     causes  the  display  of  a frequency graph showing the sound levels present in the
              audio file. This can be useful when selecting good crossover points.

       -r     causes any ROM blocks that are recognised to use idealised  timing  figures  rather
              than the exact ones found in the audio file.

       -k     causes  the  tape  file  that  is produced to keep any audio data from the original
              audio file that isn't recognised. This  will  allow  unsupported  loading  schemes,
              encryption tones etc. to be preserved in the file that is produced.

       -z level
              causes  level  to  be  used as the zero point in the supplied audio file, it allows
              adjustment for a DC offset in the audio file. The default level is 127 from a range
              of 0–255.

       -c level
              causes  level  to  be used as the Schmitt trigger noise threshold, this reduces the
              sensitivity to noise in the provided file. The default level is 8 from a  range  of

       -h, --help
              give brief usage help, listing available options.

       -V, --version
              output version information.

       infile specifies  the  audio  file  to  be converted. This file can be in any of the sound
              formats supported by libaudiofile.

              specifies the output tape file. The format will be determined by the file extension
              and can be in any of the formats libspectrum(3) supports for output.


       None known.


       fuse(1),    fuse-utils(1),    libspectrum(3),   listbasic(1),   tapeconv(1),   tzxlist(1),
       snap2tzx(1), tape2pulses(1) tape2wav(1)

       The comp.sys.sinclair Spectrum FAQ, at


       Fredrick Meunier (