Provided by: autoconf2.13_2.13-68_all bug


       autoconf2.13 - creates scripts to configure source code packages using templates


       autoconf2.13  [  --help  |  -h ] [ --localdir=dir | -l dir ] [ --macrodir=dir | -m dir ] [
       --version ]


       To create configure from, run the autoconf2.13  program  with  no  arguments.
       autoconf2.13  processes  with  the  m4  macro  processor, using the Autoconf
       macros.  If you give autoconf2.13 an argument, it reads that file instead of
       and  writes  the  configuration script to the standard output instead of to configure.  If
       you give autoconf2.13 the argument -, it reads the standard input instead of
       and writes the configuration script on the standard output.

       The  Autoconf macros are defined in several files.  Some of the files are distributed with
       Autoconf; autoconf2.13 reads them first.  Then it looks for the optional file acsite.m4 in
       the  directory  that  contains  the distributed Autoconf macro files, and for the optional
       file aclocal.m4 in the current directory.  Those files can  contain  your  site's  or  the
       package's  own  Autoconf macro definitions.  If a macro is defined in more than one of the
       files that autoconf2.13 reads, the last definition it reads overrides the earlier ones.

       autoconf2.13 accepts the following options:


       -h     Print a summary of the command line options and exit.


       -l DIR Look for the package file aclocal.m4 in directory DIR instead  of  in  the  current


       -m DIR Look  for  the  installed  macro  files  in  directory  DIR.   You can also set the
              AC_MACRODIR  environment  variable  to  a  directory;  this  option  overrides  the
              environment variable.

              Print the version number of Autoconf and exit.


       autoheader2.13(1), autoreconf2.13(1), autoscan2.13(1), autoupdate2.13(1), ifnames2.13(1)


       David  MacKenzie,  with  help from Franc,ois Pinard, Karl Berry, Richard Pixley, Ian Lance
       Taylor, Roland McGrath, Noah Friedman, David D.  Zuhn,  and  many  others.   This  manpage
       written by Ben Pfaff <> for the Debian GNU/Linux autoconf2.13 package.

                                             Autoconf                                 AUTOCONF(1)