Provided by: axe_6.1.2-16.2build1_amd64 bug


       axinfo - an X info reader


       axinfo [ -toolkitoption ...] [ -tree ] [ -node node ] [ -rows rows ] [ file ]


       axinfo  is  an  X  Window  System reader for info files (generated from GNU Texinfo source
       files) built using the Athena Widget Set toolkit. It was specifically written for use with
       aXe  and  is  not  yet fully capable of being used to browse info file directories. It can
       however be used to read a single info file at a time by setting the infoPath  resource  to
       the  location  of  the  info file and specifying its name as an argument. The name must be
       given   in   full,   i.e.   including   the    .info    suffix,    e.g.     axinfo    -xrm

       axinfo has two windows: a text window, which is displayed by default, and an optional tree
       window which shows the node hierarchy as a tree.  Navigation of  the  information  in  the
       info file being read is performed either by clicking on hypertext, i.e. sensitive, text in
       the text window, or by clicking on node buttons in the tree window. The latter may provide
       more direct access to a particular node than the former.

       When  the  command  line  option -tree is used axinfo starts up displaying its tree window
       only. Specifying the option is equivalent to setting the .tree resource

       The command line option -node can be used to initially display some node other than `Top'.
       It corresponds to the .node resource.

       The  option  -rows specifies how many rows of text are to be displayed in the text window.
       It corresponds to the *hyperwin.rows resource.


       axinfo is built around Baudouin Raoult's HyperWidget widget.




       Jim Wight (
       Department of Computing Science, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, NE1 7RU