Provided by: afnix_2.8.1-1_amd64 bug


       axl - afnix cross librarian


       axl [options] file...


       prints the help message

       prints the program version

       create a new librarian

       extract from a librarian

       write a detailed list of the files in the librarian

       write a short list of the files in the librarian

       [f] file
       set the librarian file name

       [m] name
       set the the start module


       axlinvokes the cross librarian utility. A librarian is a collection of files that are read
       by the interpreter. A librarian is similar to an archive. The idea is to store a  complete
       project  into  a  single file and let the interpreter to find them. A librarian is created
       with the coption. Extracting a file or all files  is  performed  with  the  xoption.  Both
       options cand xare mutually exclusive. The start module can be set with the m.


       The current version is the 2.8.1release.


       axc, axd, axi,


       The  distribution  comes  with  an extensive documentation. The documentation is available
       onlineor in the docdirectory in the form of formatted xhtml documents.


       axlhas been written by ( Amaury Darsch.