Provided by: barrnap_0.8+dfsg-2_all bug


       barrnap - rapid ribosomal RNA prediction


       barrnap [options] <chromosomes.fasta>


       Barrnap  predicts  the  location  of  ribosomal RNA genes in genomes. It supports bacteria
       (5S,23S,16S),   archaea   (5S,5.8S,23S,16S),   mitochondria   (12S,16S)   and   eukaryotes


       --help This help

              Print version and exit

              Print citation for referencing barrnap

       --kingdom [X]
              Kingdom: mito bac arc euk (default 'bac')

              No screen output (default OFF)

       --threads [N]
              Number of threads/cores/CPUs to use (default '8')

       --lencutoff [n.n] Proportional length threshold to label as partial (default '0.8')

       --reject [n.n]
              Proportional length threshold to reject prediction (default '0.5')

       --evalue [n.n]
              Similarity e-value cut-off (default '1e-09')

              Include FASTA input sequences in GFF3 output (default OFF)