Provided by: geomview_1.9.5-2_amd64 bug


       bdy - boundary curve finder


       bdy [precision]


       Bdy  is  a  filter  used to find boundary curves in Geomview objects.  The program reads a
       geomview object from standard input and prints the resultant  vector  object  to  standard
       output.   Bdy finds the segments of the vector by first converting the given object into a
       polylist (See anytooff(1)).  Then, it finds all edges used  once  and  only  once  in  the
       polylist  and combines these edges into a vector object.  The optional precision arguement
       specifies the maximum distance between vertices that are to be considered  identical.   By
       default, it is set to 0.0, indicating that the vertices must be numerically identical.  It
       may sometimes be necessary to set it to a higher value to  compensate  for  floating-point

       The vector object is always black.


       The  vector  object  is  not  a  particularly  compact  representation of itself, since it
       contains many 2-vertex segments which could be combined.


       geomview(1), anytooff(1), anytopl(3), bdy(3), offconsol(1), plconsol(3)


       Celeste Fowler
       The Geometry Center