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       bedops-starch - manual page for bedops-starch 2.4.26+dfsg



              binary version: 2.4.26 (creates archive version: 2.2.0) authors:  Alex Reynolds and
              Shane Neph

       USAGE: starch [ --note="foo bar..." ]

              [  --bzip2  |  --gzip ] [ --omit-signature ] [ --report-progress=N ] [ --header ] [
              <unique-tag> ] <bed-file>

              * BED input must be sorted lexicographically  (e.g.,  using  BEDOPS  sort-bed).   *
              Please  use '-' to indicate reading BED data from standard input.  * Output must be
              directed to a regular file.  * The bzip2 compression type makes  smaller  archives,
              while gzip extracts


              Process                                                                       Flags
              --note="foo bar..."   Append note to output archive metadata (optional).

       --bzip2 | --gzip
              Specify backend compression type (optional, default is bzip2).

              Skip  generating  per-chromosome  data integrity signature (optional, default is to
              generate signature).

              Report compression progress every N  elements  per  chromosome  to  standard  error
              stream (optional)

              Support  BED  input with custom UCSC track, SAM or VCF headers, or generic comments

              Optional. Specify unique identifier for transformed data.

              Show binary version.

       --help Show this usage message.


       The full documentation for bedops-starch is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If  the  info
       and bedops-starch programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info bedops-starch

       should give you access to the complete manual.