Provided by: bochs_2.6-5build2_amd64 bug


       bochs - Portable x86 Emulator.


       bochs [bochs_options] [bochsrc_options]


       Bochs  is  a  portable  Intel  Architecture   32  (x86) emulator that runs on most popular
       operating systems. Inside  the emulator,  it  can  run  many operating  systems  including
       Linux and Microsoft(R) Windows(R).


       When  you  run  bochs  without  one  of  the  following  options,  it  will  search  for a
       configuration file called .bochsrc in the current directory and your  home  directory  and
       display the start menu.

       -q     With  this  option  the  start menu will be skipped after loading the configuration

       -f configfile
              This option specifies the name of the configuration file.

       -qf configfile
              When you run bochs with this option, it will  skip  the  start  menu  and  use  the
              specified configuration file.

       -n     With  this  option bochs doesn't load a configuration file.  In that case the setup
              for the emulation must be done with bochsrc options on the command line or  in  the
              start menu.

       -r path
              Restore the Bochs state from path

       -log filename
              Specify Bochs log file name

       -h, --help
              Print a summary of the command line options for bochs and exit.

       -h, --help features
              Display available features / devices and exit

       -h, --help cpu
              Display supported CPU models and exit

       You  can  override  the  settings from the configuration file with command line arguments,
       using the  same  syntax  as the bochsrc file. If you have  any spaces in your command line
       arguments,  they  should be enclosed  in  single quotes.  For information on Bochs command
       line and configuration file arguments, see the man page bochsrc(5).

         bochs -q 'boot:a' 'floppya: 1_44=a.img, status=inserted'


       This program  is distributed  under the terms of the  GNU Lesser General Public License as
       published    by    the    Free   Software   Foundation.  See  the  LGPL  file  located  in
       /usr/share/common-licenses/ for details on the license and the lack of warranty.


       The     latest     version     of     this     program     can      be      found      at:


       bochsrc(5), bochs-dlx(1), bximage(1), bxcommit(1)

       The Bochs IA-32 Emulator site on the World Wide Web:

       Online Bochs Documentation


       The    Bochs   emulator  was   created   by  Kevin   Lawton (,  and
       is  currently  maintained by the  members of  the  Bochs x86 Emulator  Project.   You  can
       see a current roster of members at:



       Please    report   all   bugs  to  the  bug  tracker   on   our   web  site.  Just  go  to, and click "Bug Reports" on the sidebar under "Feedback".

       Provide a detailed description of the bug, the version of the program you are running, the
       operating  system  you  are  running the program on  and  the  operating   system  you are
       running in the emulator.