Provided by: bopm_3.1.3-3build1_amd64 bug


       BOPM - Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor


       BOPM,  also known as the Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor, is an IRC bot which requires operator
       privileges to scan the clients connecting to your IRC server for open proxies.

       -c <name>
              Path to the configuration file.  By default BOPM reads  `/etc/bopm/bopm.conf',  but
              `-c  CONFNAME'  will  cause  BOPM  to  read `/etc/bopm/CONFNAME.conf' instead.  The
              primary use for this is to run multiple BOPMs from one directory.

       -d     Debug mode. BOPM will not fork, and will write logs to stderr. Multiple -d increase
              the debug level.

       -v <directory>
              Specifies the path where the logfile should be saved to.  By default BOPM saves its
              logfile to `/var/log/bopm/CONFNAME.log'.  This option  allows  you  to  specify  an
              alternative directory.


       bopm  was  written  by  Erik  Fears,  Andy Smith, David Leadbeater, Sotiris Tsimbonis, Rob
       Levin, Ben AKA locksmith, John Payne, Jakub Jankowski, Emre ERTUGAY, Alex  Wu  and  Harald