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       borg-key-export - Export the repository key for backup


       borg [common options] key export [options] [REPOSITORY] [PATH]


       If  repository  encryption  is  used, the repository is inaccessible without the key. This
       command allows to backup this essential key.  Note  that  the  backup  produced  does  not
       include  the passphrase itself (i.e. the exported key stays encrypted). In order to regain
       access to a repository, one needs both the exported key and the original passphrase.

       There are two backup formats. The normal backup format is suitable for digital storage  as
       a file. The --paper backup format is optimized for printing and typing in while importing,
       with per line checks to reduce problems with manual input.

       For repositories using keyfile encryption the key is saved locally on the system  that  is
       capable of doing backups. To guard against loss of this key, the key needs to be backed up
       independently of the main data backup.

       For repositories using the repokey encryption the key is saved in the  repository  in  the
       config  file.  A  backup  is  thus  not strictly needed, but guards against the repository
       becoming inaccessible if the file is damaged for some reason.


       See borg-common(1) for common options of Borg commands.


       PATH   where to store the backup

   optional arguments
              Create an export suitable for printing and later type-in

              Create an html file suitable for printing and later type-in or qr scan


       borg-common(1), borg-key-import(1)


       The Borg Collective

                                            2018-03-29                         BORG-KEY-EXPORT(1)