Provided by: botch_0.21-5_amd64 bug


       botch-graph2text - for each vertex in a graph print a formatted line on standard output


       botch-graph2text [options] [ingraph] formatstring


       Given a formatstring of the form "{attr1} {attr2}...", print a line with this format for
       every vertex in the graph, replacing "{attr}" placeholders with the value of the attribute
       "attr" for that vertex. If no attribute with name "attr" was found, then the placeholder
       "{XXX}" remains in the output string. To write a literal opening or closing curly brace,
       type them twice, respectively.  The special placeholder "{__ID__}" is replaced with the
       vertex identifier.

       If the positional arguments is omitted, then read GraphML or dot from standard input.
       Passing a '-' as either argument, explicitly specifies to read the input from standard
       input. The input graph type will be determined automatically.


       -h, --help
           Display help.

           This option picks the set of vertices that will be output. The VERT argument is a
           key/value pair (separated by a colon) of a graph attribute and its value. By default
           (without this option), all vertices of the graph are considered.

           The special key "__ID__" allows one to select the unique vertex identifier.

           This option can be specified more than once. The final set of vertices is chosen such
           that all vertices match all key/value pairs. Multiple --vertex options thus form a
           logical conjunction (they are AND-ed together).

       -v, --verbose
           Be verbose.


       Find all source packages that build depend on "texlive-binaries:amd64

       Using package selection and reverse dependency cone computation by ceve:

               dose-ceve -r "texlive-binaries:amd64 (= 2015.20150524.37493-5)" --deb-native-arch=amd64 -G pkg -T grml deb://Packages debsrc://Sources \
                       | botch-graph-sources - - \
                       | botch-graph2text - "{realpackage} (= {realversion})" --vertex type:src \
                       | sort

       Using package selection and ancestor vertex computation by botch:

               dose-ceve --deb-native-arch=amd64 -G pkg -T grml deb://Packages debsrc://Sources \
                       | botch-graph-ancestors - - --target realpackage:texlive-binaries:amd64 realversion:2015.20150524.37493-5 \
                       | botch-graph-sources - - \
                       | botch-graph2text - "{realpackage} (= {realversion})" --vertex type:src \
                       | sort


       See <>.


       Debian doc-base Manual /usr/share/doc/botch/wiki/Home.html


       This man page was written by Johannes Schauer. Botch is written by Johannes Schauer and
       Pietro Abate.


       Copyright 2012-2014 Johannes Schauer, Pietro Abate

       This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either
       version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. A special linking
       exception to the GNU Lesser General Public License applies to this library, see the
       COPYING file for more information.