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NAME - extract DNA sequences based on BLAST hits

SYNOPSIS [-h -e -p -5 -n -o -3 -header] -blast <BLAST_FILE> -fasta


           BLAST output file to read from. The alignment should use the file specified by
           '-fasta' option ideally

           FASTA file to read from. This is where the sequence will be extracted from

       -h  Displays this help message

       -e  Maximum e-value for matches (0.01 by default)

       -p  Number of base pairs of 5' region to be included with the sequence

       -5  Number of base pairs of 5' region only, excluding the regular sequence

       -3  Number of base pairs of 3' region only, excluding the regular sequence

       -n  Number of top hits to display, starting with the best hit

       -o  Exact match to display (this option can't be used in conjunction with '-n'

           The FASTA header to display instead of the default


       This script takes a BLAST output file and a FASTA file as arguments, given after the
       '-blast' and '-fasta' options respectively. The BLAST output file should have been
       generated with your sequence of interest and the FASTA file supplied as an argument.
       Example: -blast BLAST_FILE -fasta FASTA_FILE

       It parses through the BLAST file to check for high quality matches, which are then
       searched for in the FASTA file.  The sequence may vary from you candidate sequence, hence
       the BLAST search prior.

       The sequence from the FASTA file is then displayed to STDOUT.  Optional arguments can be
       used, such as to extract the 5' or 3' region.


       Gabriel Abud - <>


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       2014-08-04 - Gabriel Abud
           First features added


       Getopt::long, Pod::Usage, Bio::SearchIO, Bio::Seq, Bio::SeqIO, Bio::Perl, File::Basename