Provided by: bioperl_1.7.2-2_all bug


       bp_hmmer_to_table  - turn HMMER output into tabular format


        bp_hmmer_to_table [-e evaluefilter] [-b bitscorefilter] [--header] [-o outfile] inputfile1 inputfile2 ...


       Command line options:
         -e/--evalue   evalue    -- filter by evalue
         -b/--bitscore bitscore  -- filter by bitscore
         --header                -- boolean flag to print column header
         -o/--out                -- optional outputfile to write data,
                                    otherwise will write to STDOUT
         -h/--help               -- show this documentation

       Not technically a SearchIO script as this doesn't use any Bioperl components but is a
       useful and fast.  The output is tabular output.

         query sequence/domain (these are flip-flopped for hmmsearch / hmmpfam)
         query start
         query end
         domain/sequence name or PFAM accession
         hit start
         hit end
         domain/sequence name (these are flip-flopped for hmmsearch / hmmpfam)

AUTHOR - Jason Stajich

       Jason Stajich jason_at_bioperl-dot-org