Provided by: bioperl_1.7.2-2_all bug


       bp_oligo_count - oligo count and frequency


         Usage:  bp_oligo_count [-h/--help] [-l/--length OLIGOLENGTH]
                 [-f/--format SEQFORMAT] [-i/--in/-s/--sequence SEQFILE]
                 [-o/--out OUTFILE]


       This scripts counts occurrence and frequency for all oligonucleotides of given length.

       It can be used to determine what primers are useful for frequent priming of nucleic acid
       for random labeling.

       Note that this script could be run by utilizing the compseq program which is part of


       The default sequence format is fasta. If no outfile is given, the results will be printed
       to standard out. All other options can entered interactively.


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AUTHOR - Charles C. Kim



       Written July 2, 2001

       Submitted to bioperl scripts project 2001/08/06

       >> 100 x speed optimization by Heikki Lehvaslaiho