Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.10-rc4-3_amd64 bug


       axgetput - upload or download files via AX.25 / axspawn Linux login session.


       axgetput [-b blocksize] [-i] [-v] [-h] [?] filename
       axgetput [-b blocksize] [-i] -s [-v] [-h] [?] [filename]


       -b blocksize
              Set  the blocksize (frame length) of transmitted data.  Defaults to 256 bytes which
              matches typical AX.25 network confurations best.

       -i     Compute CRC checksum only.

       .B -s  Indicates input from a stream.  This option is available only if STDIN is  a  pipe.
              The  filename  argument  may be omitted if -s is given. The length of the file need
              not to be known.

       -v     print version and exit.

       -h, ?  print usage and exit.

       axgetput is the actual name of the program. You execute  for  e.g.   bget  or  bput  while
       axgetput  is  the  common  program  to  which  bget  and  bput  are  linked  to.  axgetput
       autodetermines which operation mode the user desires.

       axgetput sets the pty to be 8bit clean (thus enables binary mode for the  file  transfer).
       It requires that the user is logged in through axspawn(8).

       I. #BIN Protocol

       bget  is used for downloading a file on this system from the unix login shell via his ax25
       session to his packet-radio terminal  program.  The  download  "protocol"  is  the  "#BIN"
       standard known from packet radio mailboxes.

       bput  does  it  the other way round: with this command, the user may upload a file to this

       The #BIN protocol provides a CRC consistency check after  the  file  is  transferred.  The
       transfer of the file modification time is part of the #BIN protocol.

       II. YAPP Protocol

       yget or yput is reserved for the yapp protocol, which is not supported in this version.

       II. DIDADIT Protocol

       rget or rput is reserved for the didadit protocol, which is not supported in this version.

       Anyone like to implement yapp and didadit protcols?


       Thomas  Osterried   DL9SAU  <>  Ralf  Baechle DL5RB <ralf@linux->