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       br_bioflat.rb — OBDA flat file indexer



       br_bioflat.rb [--search]  [options...]

       br_bioflat.rb [--search]  [--location DIR]  [--dbname DBNAME]  [options...]  [KEYWORDS]

       Create index:

       br_bioflat.rb    [--create]     [--location    DIR]     [--dbname    DBNAME]     [--format
       genbank|embl|fasta]  [options...]  [--files FILES...]

       Update index:

       br_bioflat.rb [--update]  [--location  DIR]   [--dbname  DBNAME]   [options...]   [--files

       Show namespaces:

       br_bioflat.rb [--show-namespaces]  [--location DIR]  [--dbname DBNAME]  [DIR/DBNAME]

       br_bioflat.rb [--show-namespaces]  [--format=CLASS]

       br_bioflat.rb [--show-namespaces]  [--files file]


       This manual page documents briefly the br_bioflat.rb.

       br_bioflat.rb is an OBDA flat file indexer.


       --search  Search a database for keywords.

       --namespace         --name
                 Only valid with the --search option. Set the search namespace.  You can set this
                 option multiple times to specify more than one namespace.

       --create  Create an index.

                 Specify the directory.

       --dbname  Specify the name of the database.

       --primary           --secondary
                 Set the primary and secondarynamespace of the index.  Default  primary/secondary
                 namespaces  depend on the format of the flatfiles.  Only valid with the --create

                 Add secondary namespaces to the default specification. You can use  this  option
                 many times. Only valid with the --create option.

       --update  Update an index

       --sort    Sort  an  index.  You  can set this to a path to an external sorting program, or
                 BUILTIN to use the builtin sort module. This option is only valid with  --create
                 (or --update) and --type flat options.

       --renew   Re-read all flatfiles and update whole index. This option is only valid with the
                 --update option.

                 Display the namespaces for an index file.


       This manual page was written by David Nusinow for  the  Debian  system
       (but may be used by others).  Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
       document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2  any  later  version
       published by the Free Software Foundation.

       On  Debian  systems,  the  complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in