Provided by: bluez_5.48-0ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       btattach - attach serial devices to BlueZ stack


       btattach [-B device] [-A device] [-P protocol] [-R]


       btattach is used to attach a serial UART to the Bluetooth stack as a transport interface.


       -B device, --bredr device
              Attach a BR/EDR controller.

       -A device, --amp device
              Attach an AMP controller.

       -P protocol, --protocol protocol
              Specify the protocol type for talking to the device.  Supported values are:

              · h4

              · bcsp

              · 3wire

              · h4ds

              · ll

              · ath3k

              · intel

              · bcm

              · qca

       -R     Set the device into raw mode (the kernel and bluetoothd will ignore it).