Provided by: btfs_2.18-1build1_amd64 bug


       btplay - Directly play video torrents using btfs.


       btplay [OPTIONS]... torrentlink


       btfs  uses  fuse  (filesystem  in  user  space)  to expose a bittorrent source as a normal
       directory on your filesystem.

       btplay is a wrapper for btfs that mounts and plays  the  video  directly  without  a  user
       having  to  specify  a  mount  point. You can pass either a .torrent link or a magnet link
       contained in single quotation marks.


       Usage: btplay [OPTIONS...] torrentlink

       BTFS Options

       -v, --version
              Show version information.

       -h, --help
              Displays usage for the tool.

       -b, --browse-only
              Download metadata only.

       -k, --keep
              Keep files after unmount.

       FUSE Options

       -d, -o debug
              Enable debug output (implies -f).

              Foreground operation.

              Disable multi-threaded operation.

       -o allow_other
              Allow access to other users.

       -o allow_root
              Allow access to root.

       -o auto_unmount
              Auto unmount on process termination.

       -o nonempty
              Allow mounts over non-empty file/dir.

       -o default_permissions
              Enable permission checking by kernel.

       -o fsname=NAME
              Set filesystem name.

       -o suptype=NAME
              Set filesystem type.

       -o large_read
              Issue large read requests.

       -o max_read=N
              Set maximum size of read requests.

       -o hard_remove
              Immediate removal (don't hide files).

       -o use_ino
              Let filesystem set inode numbers.

       -o readdir_ino
              Try to fill in d_ino in readdir.

       -o direct_io
              Use direct I/O.

       -o kernel_cache
              Cache files in kernel.

       -o [no]auto_cache
              Enable caching based on modification times (off).

       -o umask=M
              Set file permissions (octal).

       -o uid=N
              Set file owner.

       -o gid=N
              Set file group.

       -o entry_timeout=T
              Cache timeout for names (1.0s).

       -o negative_timeout=T
              Cache timeout for deleted names (0.0s).

       -o attr_timeout=T
              Cache timeout for attributes (1.0s).

       -o ac_attr_timeout=T
              Auto cache timeout for attributes (attr_timeout)

       -o noforget
              Never forget cached inodes.

       -o remember=T
              Remember cached inodes fot T seconds (0s).

       -o nopath
              Don't supply path if not necessary.

       -o intr
              Allow requests to be interrupted.

       -o intr_signal=NUM
              Signal to send on interript (10).

       -o modules=M1[:M2...]
              Names of modules to push onto filesystem stack.

       Module Options


       -o from_code=CHARSET
              Original encoding of file names (default: UTF-8).

       -o to_code=CHARSET
              New encoding of the file names (default: UTF-8).


       -o subdir=DIR
              Prepend this directory to all paths (madatory).

       -o [no]rellinks
              Transform absolute symlinks to relative.


       Please file issues on the GitHub bug tracker:


       fuse(1), btfs(1)


       This manual page was written by Jonathan Carter <> btplay  was  written
       by Johan Gunnarsson <>