Provided by: buffycli_0.7-1_all bug


         Buffycli - text mode alternative to Buffy. Monitors new and unread messages in a collection of mail folders.


         Buffy is a program that displays a compact summary of your mail folders, and allows to invoke a command (usually a mail reader) on them.  It is written with the intent
         of being a handy everyday tool for people handling large volumes of mail.  For mutt users, this can be a nice  front-end  to  supplement  the  simple  built-in  folder
         browser when one has many folders to keep track of.


         [#] to launch the mail reader     q:quit

         oc[C]:order by column             scall:show all columns
         hc[C]:hide column                 sc[C]:show column
         st: show totals row               ht: hide totals row

         sf[#[,#,#]]:always show folder(s) hf[#],#,#,#]]:always hide folder(s)
         sfall:show all folders with mail  usage:toggle and save usage display

         si[#]: set the mail folder poll interval in seconds
         oi:run offlineimap -o in the foreground
         oibg:run offlineimap in the background (and attempt to kill it on quit)
         oikill:kill the background offlineimap process


         Buffycli has no startup options.
         Consult the running help or the man page for documentation.


         Buffycli is written and maintained by Penny Leach <>