Provided by: php-services-weather_1.4.7-4_all bug


       buildMetarDB - build databases for METAR stations


       buildMetarDB -l|-a [options]


       This script downloads, saves and processes the textfiles needed for building the databases
       to enable searching for METAR stations.

       You can download the locations, which is a database of about  12000 world-wide  locations,
       which  can  be  used  to determine the coordinates of your city or you can download a file
       with 6500 airports providing the metar data. This database is  used  for  the  next-METAR-
       station  search.  Please  see  the appropriate documentation in the Services_Weather_Metar


       -l     build locationsDB

       -a     build airportsDB

       -f <file>
              use <file> as input

       -s     save downloaded file to disk

       -t <dbtype>
              type of the DB to be used

       -r <dbprotocol> protocol of the DB to be used

       -d <dbname>
              name of the DB to be used

       -u <dbuser>
              user of the DB to be used

       -p <dbpass>
              pass of the DB to be used

       -h <dbhost>
              host of the DB to be used

       -o <dboptions>
              options of the DB to be used in the notation option=value,...

       -v     display verbose debugging messages multiple -v increases verbosity