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       buildbot - a tool for managing buildbot master instances


   General Invocation
       buildbot [ global options ] command [ command options ]

       buildbot command -h|--help

   Command Options
       buildbot  create-master  [  -q|--quiet  ]  [  -f|--force ] [ -r|--relocatable ] [ -n|--no-
       logrotate ] [ -s|--log-size SIZE ] [ -l|--log-count COUNT ] [ -c|--config CONFIG ] [  --db
       DATABASE ] [ PATH ]

       buildbot upgrade-master [ -q|--quiet ] [ -r|--replace ] [ --db DATABASE ] [ PATH ]

       buildbot [ --verbose ] { start|stop|restart|sighup|reconfig } [ PATH ]

       buildbot  sendchange  [  -m|--master MASTER ] [ -u|--username USERNAME ] [ -R|--repository
       REPOSITORY ] [ -P|--project PROJECT ] [ -b|--branch BRANCH ] [ -C|--category CATEGORY ]  [
       -r|--revision  REVISION  ]  [  --revision-file REVISIONFILE ] [ -p|--property PROPERTY ] [
       -c|--comments MESSAGE ] [ -F|--logfile LOGFILE ] [ -w|--when TIMESTAMP ] FILES...

       buildbot try [ --wait ] [ -n|--dry-run ] [ --get-builder-names ] [ -c|--connect {ssh|pb} ]
       [ --tryhost HOSTNAME ] [ --trydir PATH ] [ -m|--master MASTER ] [ -u|--username USERNAME ]
       [ --passwd PASSWORD ] [ --diff DIFF ] [ --patchlevel PATCHLEVEL ] [ --baserev BASEREV ]  [
       --vc  {cvs|svn|tla|baz|darcs|p4}  ]  [  --branch  BRANCH  ]  [  -b|--builder  BUILDER  ] [
       --properties PROPERTIES ] [ --try-topfile FILE ] [ --try-topdir PATH ]

       buildbot tryserver [ --jobdir PATH ]

       buildbot checkconfig [ CONFIGFILE ]

       buildbot [ --verbose ] { start|stop|restart|sighup|reconfig } [ PATH ]

       buildbot [ --verbose ] { --help|--version }


       The `buildbot' command-line tool can be used  to  start  or  stop  a  buildmaster  and  to
       interact  with  a  running buildmaster instance.  Some of its subcommands are intended for
       buildmaster admins, while some are for developers  who  are  editing  the  code  that  the
       buildbot is monitoring.


              Create and populate a directory for a new buildmaster

              Upgrade an existing buildmaster directory for the current version

       start  Start a buildmaster

       stop   Stop a buildmaster

              Restart a buildmaster

              Send SIGHUP signal to buildmaster to make it re-read the config file

              Send a change to the buildmaster

       try    Run a build with your local changes. This command requires in-advance configuration
              of the buildmaster to accept such build requests. Please see the documentation  for
              details about this command.

              buildmaster-side ´try´ support function, not for users

              Validate buildbot master config file.

   Global options
              Print  the  list of available commands and global options.  All subsequent commands
              are ignored.

              Print Buildbot and Twisted versions.  All subsequent commands are ignored.

              Verbose output.

   create-master command options
              Do not emit the commands being run

              Re-use an existing directory (will not overwrite master.cfg file)

              Create a relocatable buildbot.tac

              Do not permit buildmaster rotate logs by itself.

              Set name of the buildbot master config  file  to  CONFIG.   Default  file  name  is

              Set  size  at  which  twisted  lof file is rotated to SIZE bytes.  Default value is
              1000000 bytes.

              Limit the number of kept old twisted log files to COUNT.  All  files  are  kept  by

       --db   Set  the  database  connection  for  storing  scheduler/status  state  to DATABASE.
              Default value is sqlite:///state.sqlite.

       PATH   Directory where buildbot master files will be stored.

   upgrade-master command options
              Do not emit the commands being run.

              Replace any modified files without confirmation.

       --db   Set the  database  connection  for  storing  scheduler/status  state  to  DATABASE.
              Default value is sqlite:///state.sqlite.

       PATH   Directory where buildbot master files are stored.

   sendchange command options
              Set the location of buildmaster's PBChangeSource to attach to in form HOST:PORT.

              Set committer's username to USERNAME.

              Set repository URL to REPOSITORY.

              Set project specifier to PROJECT.

              Set branch name to BRANCH.

              Set category of repository to CATEGORY.

              Set revision being built to REVISION.

              Use REVISIONFILE file to read revision spec data from.

              Set property for the change to PROPERTY.  It should be in format NAME:VALUE.

              Set log message to MESSAGE.

              Set logfile to LOGFILE.

              Set timestamp used as the change time to TIMESTAMP.

       FILES  Lis of files have been changed.

   try command options
       --wait Wait until the builds have finished.

              Gather info, but don't actually submit.

              Get  the names of available builders.  Doesn't submit anything.  Only supported for
              'pb' connections.

              Connection type.  Can be either ´ssh´ or ´pb´.

              Set the hostname (used by ssh) for the buildmaster to HOSTNAME.

              Specify trydir (on the tryhost) where tryjobs are deposited.

              Set the location of the buildmaster's try scheduler in form HOST:PORT

              Set the username performing the trial build to USERNAME.

              Set password for PB authentication to PASSWORD.

       --diff Use DIFF file to use as a patch instead of scanning a  local  tree.   Use  ´-´  for

              Specify the patchlevel to apply with.  Defaults to 0.  See patch for details.

              Use BASEREV revision instead of scanning a local tree.

       --vc   Specify version control system in use.  Possible values: cvs, svn, tla, baz, darcs,

              Specify the branch in use, for VC systems that can't figure it out themselves.

              Run the trial build on the specified Builder. Can be used multiple times.

              Specify the set of properties made available in the  build  environment  in  format

              Specify  name  of  a  file at the top of the tree.  This option is used to find the
              top.  Only needed for SVN and CVS.

              Specify the path to the top of the working copy.  Only needed for SVN and CVS.

   tryserver command options
              The jobdir (maildir) for submitting jobs


              Buildbot master configuration file


       buildbot-worker(1), patch(1)