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       builder - Go continuous build client


       builder [flags] goos-goarch...


       If you wish to run a Go builder, please email

       To run a builder:

       * Write the key ~gobuild/.gobuildkey
         You need to get it from someone who knows the key.
         You may also use a filename of the form .gobuildkey-$BUILDER if you
         wish to run builders for multiple targets.

       * Append your username and password credentials from
         to the buildkey file in the format "Username\nPassword\n".
         (This is for uploading tarballs to the project downloads section,
          and is an optional step.)

       * Run gobuilder


              Maximum time to wait for builds and tests

              Directory under which to build

       -cmd   Build command (specify relative to go/src/)

              Maximum time to wait for an external command

              Time to wait between polling for new commits (0 disables commit poller)

              Go Dashboard Host

       -fail  fail all builds

              Path to download gcc from

              Path to download gc from

              Build multiple targets in parallel

              Build and upload binary release archives

       -rev   Build specified revision and exit

       -tool  Tool to build.

       -v     verbose


       This manual page was written by Michael Stapelberg <>, for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                            2013-12-02                                 BUILDER(1)