Provided by: ruby-bundler_1.16.1-1_all bug


       bundle-viz - Generates a visual dependency graph for your Gemfile


       bundle  viz  [--file=FILE] [--format=FORMAT] [--requirements] [--version] [--without=GROUP


       viz generates a PNG file of the current Gemfile(5) as a dependency graph. viz requires the
       ruby-graphviz gem (and its dependencies).

       The associated gems must also be installed via bundle install(1).


       --file, -f
              The name to use for the generated file. See --format option

       --format, -F
              This is output format option. Supported format is png, jpg, svg, dot ...

       --requirements, -R
              Set to show the version of each required dependency.

       --version, -v
              Set to show each gem version.

       --without, -W
              Exclude gems that are part of the specified named group.

                                            March 2018                              BUNDLE-VIZ(1)