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       bup-server - the server side of the bup client-server relationship


       bup server


       bup server  is  the  server  side  of  a  remote  bup session.  If you use bup-split(1) or
       bup-save(1) with the -r option, they will ssh to the remote server and run  bup server  to
       receive the transmitted objects.

       There is normally no reason to run bup server yourself.


       smart  In  this  mode, the server checks each incoming object against the idx files in its
              repository.  If any object already exists, it tells the client about the  idx  file
              it  was  found  in,  allowing  the  client  to  download that idx and avoid sending
              duplicate data.  This is bup-server's default mode.

       dumb   In this mode, the server will not check its local index before writing  an  object.
              To avoid writing duplicate objects, the server will tell the client to download all
              of its .idx files at the start of the session.  This mode is useful on low  powered
              server hardware (ie router/slow NAS).


              Activate dumb server mode, as discussed above.  This file is not created by default
              in new repositories.


       bup-save(1), bup-split(1)


       Part of the bup(1) suite.


       Avery Pennarun <>.