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       bundlewrap - Decentralized configuration management system with Python


       bundlewrap  [-h]  [-a]  [-A]  [-d] [-r DIRECTORY] [--version] {apply, debug, groups, hash,
       items, lock, metadata, nodes, plot, repo, run, stats, test, verify, zen} ...


       BundleWrap fills the gap between complex deployments using Chef or Puppet and  old  school
       system  administration  over  SSH.  You  do  not  need  to know any Python in order to use
       Bundlewrap, but you can easily extend your bundles using Python.

       While  most  other  config  management  systems  rely  on  a  client-server  architecture,
       BundleWrap works off a repository cloned to your local machine.

       It  then  automates  the process of SSHing into your servers and making sure everything is
       configured the way it's supposed to be. You won't have  to  install  anything  on  managed


       -h, --help show this help message and exit

       -a, --add-host-keys
              set StrictHostKeyChecking=no instead of yes for SSH

       -A, --adhoc-nodes
              treat  unknown  node names as adhoc 'virtual' nodes that receive configuration only
              through groups whose member_patterns match the node name given on the command  line
              (which also has to be a resolvable hostname)

       -d, --debug
              print debugging info (implies -v)

       -r DIRECTORY, --repo-path DIRECTORY
              Look for repository at this path (defaults to current working directory)

              show program's version number and exit


       use 'bw <subcommand> --help' for more info

       apply  Applies the configuration defined in your repository to your nodes

       debug  Start an interactive Python shell for this repository

       groups Lists groups in this repository (deprecated, use `bw nodes -a`)

       hash   Shows  a  SHA1  hash  that summarizes the entire configuration for this repo, node,
              group, or item.

       items  List and preview items for a specific node

       lock   Manage locks on nodes used to prevent collisions between BundleWrap users

              View a JSON representation of a node's metadata

       nodes  List all nodes in this repository

       plot   Generates DOT output  that  can  be  piped  into  `dot  -Tsvg  -ooutput.svg`.   The
              resulting output.svg can be viewed using most browsers.

       repo   Various subcommands to manipulate your repository

       run    Run a one-off command on a number of nodes

       stats  Show some statistics about your repository

       test   Test your repository for consistency (you can use this with a CI tool like Jenkins)

       verify Inspect the health or 'correctness' of a node without changing it


       Bundlewrap bug tracker:


       This manual page was written by Jonathan Carter <> Bundlewrap was written
       by Torsten Rehn <>