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       bytes-circle - Show byte statistics as an ASCII circle graph


       bytes-circle [-o {0|1|2|3}] [-Bbnruh] [-z {0-255}] files...


       bytes-circle  is  a  program  that  shows statistics about bytes contained in a file as an
       ASCII circle graph of deviations from mean in sigma increments.

       By default, byte 0 is at the center of the circle and next bytes until  256  are  situated
       counterclockwise around the center.

       bytes-circle expects a colour terminal, though other options are available.

       The  ASCII  art  produced  uses this char array to represent increment values of 1/4*sigma
       from the statistic's mean:
          . , - ~ + * o O # @

       This ranges from zero (.) on the left, to 9/4*sigma (@) on the right.  If value is zero or
       over  the  mean  the  char is printed green.  If it is below the mean, it's printed red. A
       (blue) '=' char represents a byte value that doesn't appear in the file.


       files  One or more files. If no file is indicated, standard input is used.

       -o {0|1|2|3}
              1=no color | 2=numbers | 3=uncoloured numbers

       -B     Stop processing files on first error encountered.

       -b     No color. In this case, ASCII art is adjusted so the zero sigma is at the middle of
              the chars array (char '*'). Increments are 1/2*sigma.

       -n     Use  numbers. In this case, coloured numbers are used to represent values from 0 to

       -r     Restrict statistics to the byte values that appear in the  file,  not  to  the  256
              default.  This  only makes a difference if there are byte values that do not appear
              in the file.

       -u     Use uncoloured numbers. In this  case,  numbers  are  used  to  represent  positive
              deviations  from  0  to  9/4*sigma,  and  letters  are  used  to represent negative
              deviations from 'a' (-0) to 'i' (-9/4)*sigma.

       -h     Show summary of options.

       -z {0-255}
              Shows a second circle centered on indicated byte bucket. A zero value is equivalent
              to  127  for ease of use. This way a second view of the statistics is available for
              data disaggregation.


       This program was written  by  Roberto  S.  Galende  <>  and  is
       copyrighted under the GPL, version 3 or later.

                                         December 5, 2016                         BYTES-CIRCLE(1)