Provided by: cabal-debian_4.36-1_amd64 bug


       cabal-debian - create Debian package meta data from a Haskell cabal file.


       cabal-debian [flags]


       cabal-debian  will generated the Debian meta data for a Debian package from the cabal file
       of a Haskell package. The program expects to find the package's  <pkgname>.cabal  file  in
       the directory from which it was run.

              Pass this prefix if we need to configure the package

       --ghc  Compile with GHC.

       --hugs Compile with HUGS.

       --jhc  Compile with JHC.

       --nhc  Compile with NHC.

       -h, -?, --help
              Show this help text.

              Override the default package name.

              Don't generate API docs.

              Don't generate profiling libraries.

              Don't generate optimised code.

              Don't split object files to save space.

       -f FLAGS, --flags=FLAGS
              Set given flags in Cabal conditionals.

              Override the default package release.

              Override the default output directory ("./debian").

       -v n,q --verbose=n
              Change build verbosity.

              Override the default package version.

       --maintainer=Maintainer Name <email addr>
              Override the Maintainer name and email in $DEBEMAIL/$EMAIL/$DEBFULLNAME/$FULLNAME.

              Generate  a  new  debianization,  replacing  any existing one.  One of --debianize,
              --substvar, or --update-debianization is required.

       --substvar=Doc, Prof, or Dev
              Write out the list of dependencies required  for  the  dev,  prof  or  doc  package
              depending  on  the  argument.  This value can be added to the appropriate substvars

              Update an existing debianization.


       This manual page was originally written by Erik de Castro Lopo  <>  for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                           May 10, 2010                           CABAL-DEBIAN(1)