Provided by: cccc_3.1.4-9_amd64 bug


       cccc - C and C++ Code Counter, a software metrics tool


       cccc [options] file1.c ...


       CCCC  analyses  and  reports measurements of source code in C, C++, and Java.  The metrics
       supported include lines of code, McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity, and  measures  of  module

       CCCC processes the files listed on its command line.  If the filenames include ‘-’, read a
       list of files from standard input.

       This program is work in progress and is not well documented.  Please be prepared to  refer
       to the source code for the meaning of some options.


       --help Generate this help message.

              Directory for generated files (default=.cccc).

              Name of primary HTML report generated (default=outdir/cccc.html).

              Preload internal database from named file (default=no initial content).

              Save internal database to named file (default=outdir/cccc.db).

              Load  options  from  named  file  (default=use  compiled-in option values, refer to
     for option information).

              Save options to named file (default=outdir/cccc.opt).

              Use language specified for files specified after this option.  Languages  supported
              are  c,  c++,  ada,  and java (default=use language/extension mapping controlled by

              Control report content (refer to for mask values).

              Control debug output content (refer to for mask values).


       CCCC was written by Tim Littlefair <>.

       This manual page was written by Colin Watson <> for the  Debian  system
       (but may be used by others).