Provided by: cccd_0.3beta4-7.1build1_amd64 bug


       cccd - yet another CD player with CDDB support




       cccd is a small GTK+ CD player program with many features:

         * Works with SCSI devices
         * CDDB lookups (local and remote) and local storing
         * Uses very little screen space
         * Handles CD Extras (mixed mode CDs)




       Upon starting cccd two windows will pop up: a smaller control panel and a status window.

   The Control Panel
       Here  are  the buttons for controlling the CD drive. The main action will take place here.
       The left most button is the exit button, which will cause cccd to  quit.  The  right  most
       button  will  cause  the  Info  window  (q.v.) to pop up.  Buttons in the top row (left to
       right): Previous Track, Play, Next Track, and in the bottom row: Pause,  Stop  and  Eject.
       Their functions should be self-explanatory.

   The Status Window
       You will see four rows of text here, and a progress bar below that. The top most row shows
       the Artist and Title of the CD, if known. Below that is the track title.  Then  comes  the
       time display and then a status row.  You can toggle the time display between

         - CD time passed
         - CD time remaining,
         - Track time passed,
         - Track time remaining

       by  clicking  on  the window above the progress bar.  The status information will show the
       current status and the play mode.  You can toggle the playmodes (Normal, Loop Track,  Loop
       CD, Random) by clicking on the progress bar. The progress bar will always show the elapsed
       CD time.

   The Info Window
       This window is divided into two sections:

       Here you can see (and later enter) the CD title and Artist, followed  by  a  list  of  the
       Track  titles.  Below  this  there are button that (will) allow you to Save the current CD
       data, submit it to a remote CDDB database, and Undo any changes you have  made  since  the
       last  saving.   You  can realize a playlist of the tracks you want to hear, by clicking on
       the track row. Darker tracks will not be played. (Note: Data tracks will  be  'unselected'

       You  can  enter the relevant data for remote and local cddb databases here, and the lookup
       order.  If the remote databases lookup protocol is http, you will need to enter the URL in
       addition     to     the     hostname,     without     the    leading    "http://"    (e.g.
       "".  The category section is not used, and will be
       omitted  in future versions.  "Save" will save the info to "~/.cccdrc". I'll leave to your
       imagination what Undo does.


              The cccd configfile.


       Please report any bugs you find to Jochen A. Stein <>.  You  can  use  the
       form in /usr/share/doc/cccd/BUGREPORT for this...


       cccd  is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or (at your option) any
       later version.


       cccd was originally written by Sven Riedel  <>,  modified
       by Jochen A. Stein <>.

       This manpage was written by Jochen A. Stein <>.


       cdcd(1), cdtool(1), dcd(1), workbone(1), workman(1), xmcd(1).

                                         January 6, 2002                                  CCCD(1)