Provided by: ccd2iso_0.3-7_amd64 bug


       ccd2iso - convert IMG format to ISO format


       ccd2iso [FOO.IMG] [BAR.ISO]


       ccd2iso  converts  FOO.IMG  to  ISO  format  and  writes  the result to BAR.ISO.  If fewer
       arguments than expected are given, ccd2iso will print its help message and quit.  If  more
       arguments  than  expected  are  given,  ccd2iso will silently ignore them and use only the
       first two arguments.

       IMG files are raw-data copies  of  optical  media,  generated  primarily  by  the  Windows
       application  CloneCD,  and  are  primarily  used to store CDs with odd properties, such as
       sectors which need to have read errors when read. Conversion to ISO  format  removes  this
       information, as ISO format does not support this.

       IMG  files  almost  always include a SUB file, which contains additional data for the disc
       format, and a CCD file, which is  a  plaintext  configuration  file  describing  the  disc
       layout. ccd2iso does not make use of these files, but the applications which generate them
       expect them to have the same FOO prefix as the IMG file.


       ccd2iso currently only copies  the  first  session  of  multisession  discs,  as  well  as
       outputting a harmless warning of Unrecognized sector mode.

       ccd2iso utterly ignores the additional data in CCD or SUB files.


       mdf2iso(1), nrg2iso(1)


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Rich  Ercolani <>, for the Debian
       GNU/Linux distribution (but it may, of course, be used by others),  because  the  original
       program  lacked a manual page.  It may be distributed under the same terms as ccd2iso, the
       GNU GPL version 2 or later, at your option.