Provided by: clang-3.9_3.9.1-19ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       clang-rename - manual page for clang-rename 3.9


       OVERVIEW:  A  tool to rename symbols in C/C++ code.  clang-rename renames every occurrence
       of a symbol found at <offset> in <source0>. If -i  is  specified,  the  edited  files  are
       overwritten to disk.  Otherwise, the results are written to stdout.

       USAGE: clang-rename [subcommand] [options] <source0> [... <sourceN>]


       Clang-rename options:

       -export-fixes=<filename>   - YAML file to store suggested fixes in.

       -extra-arg=<string>        - Additional argument to append to the compiler command line

       -extra-arg-before=<string> - Additional argument to prepend to the compiler command line

       -i                         - Overwrite edited <file>s.

       -new-name=<string>         - The new name to change the symbol to.

       -offset=<uint>             - Locates the symbol by offset as opposed to <line>:<column>.

       -old-name=<string>          -  The  fully  qualified name of the symbol, if -offset is not

       -p=<string>                - Build path

       -pl                        - Print the locations affected by renaming to stderr.

       -pn                        - Print the found symbol's name prior to renaming to stderr.

       Generic Options:

       -help                      - Display available options (-help-hidden for more)

       -help-list                 - Display list  of  available  options  (-help-list-hidden  for

       -version                   - Display the version of this program