Provided by: pakcs_2.0.1-1_amd64 bug


       cleancurry - clean intermediate Curry files


       cleancurry [OPTIONS] [MODULE]


       The  cleancurry  command  removes  all intermediate files produced when Curry programs are
       compiled with the PAKCS compiler.

       For    further    information,     please     check     and


       -r     Apply cleancurry recursively to all subdirectories

       -a     Remove all intermediate Curry files (even those without a source file)

       MODULE Remove only intermediate Curry files for program MODULE. If this option is missing,
              the intermediate files for all Curry modules in the current directory are removed.


       This manual page has been written by Michael Hanus and converted to nroff format  by  Mike
       Gabriel <>.  This man page has been written for the Debian
       project initially, but may also be used by others.