Provided by: mew-bin_6.7-4_amd64 bug


       cmew - create Mew's database file


       cmew [-f] [db_file [maildir [ignore_regex [target_folder]]]]


       The cmew utility creates a Message-ID database file with SQLite 3 for Mew.

       db_file is a database file name.  (default: "~/Mail/id.db")

       maildir is a mail directory name.  (default: "~/Mail")

       ignore_regex  is  a  regular  expression  for  the  mail directory names to not create the
       database.  (default: "^\./casket$|^\./casket/|/\.")

       target_folder is a target folder. Information about messages contained in this folder only
       are updated.

       The options are as follows:

       -f      Full update. Unless this option is specified, incremental update is used.

                                        February 17, 2008                                 CMEW(1)