Provided by: copyfs_1.0.1-5build1_amd64 bug


       copyfs-fversion - manage file revisions


       copyfs-fversion [-h] [-r] [-s] [-l version] [-g] file
       copyfs-fversion [-t tag-name] directory
       copyfs-fversion [-u tag-name] directory


       copyfs-fversion  lets  you view and modify version information of files hosted on a CopyFS
       file system.

       -h     Print help and exit

       -r     Release the version lock

       -s     Show the versions available for this file (default action)

       -g     Get the version number in use

       -l version
              Lock this version

       -t tag Tag the current revisions of files in a directory. This tag will hold  the  version
              information of the affected files and will allow the user to later restore files to
              the state they were in when the tag was created.

       -u tag Restore revisions of the files to the state at the point of the tag.


       CopyFS was created by Thomas Joubert and Nicolas Vigier <>


       <> CopyFS web site.

       <> FUSE - Filesystem in USErspace


       copyfs(1), copyfs-mount(1), copyfs-daemon(1)