Provided by: mgetty-fax_1.1.36-3.1_amd64 bug


       make.coverpg - create a fax coverpg on stdout


       make.coverpg  [options]  <pages>  <sender-ID>  <sender-NAME> <receiver-ID> <receiver-NAME>
       <date> <time>


       make.coverpg is called from faxspool(1) to generate a cover page  for  the  just-processed
       fax.   It  has  to  create  a  proper  G3  file  (e.g.  via  pbm2g3(1)  or  hp2hig3(1)  or
       ghostscript(1)) and output that on stdout. If the  program  doesn't  exist,  or  can't  be
       executed,  the fax simply won't get a coverpage (so, if you don't want a fax coverpage, do
       not install it...)

       make.coverpg can put anything it wants on the page, but note that there are certain  legal
       requirements  in certain countries about the contents that *have* to be on the cover page,
       for example, the fax phone number of the sender and the recepient, the number of pages, or
       similar things.

       make.coverpg  gets the informations about the fax to be sent from the command line, in the
       order listed above.

       If the environment variable normal_res is set to something  non-empty,  faxspool  requests
       that  make.coverpg  creates  a  cover  page in normal resolution (98 lpi). Default is fine
       resolution (196 lpi).

       NO make.coverpg program is installed by default, since everyones needs differ too wildly.

       Some sample coverpage programs are provided in the mgetty source  tree,  in  the  samples/
       subdirectory (coverpg.pbm shows how to do it with "pbmtext|pbm2g3", shows how I
       do it with ghostscript).

       In this directory, you can also find two shell scripts (fax and faxmemo)  that  will  take
       advantage of one more esoteric feature of my coverpage programs: if called with the option
       "-m <memo-file>", the sample programs will put a text file "<memo-file>" on the cover page
       (used  for short notes or such). To make use of it, faxspool is called with the option '-C
       "make.coverpg -m <memo-file>"' (the double quotes are needed!).




       A five-page fax sent from me to my second number could result in a call like this:

       make.coverpg 5 "+49-89-3243328" "Gert Doering" "3244814" "myself" "Sep 15 94" "22:10:00"


              the program itself


       faxspool(1), pbm2g3(1), ghostscript(1)


       The idea behind make.coverpg is Copyright (C) 1993 by Gert Doering, <>,
       the implementation will most likely have yours...