Provided by: cpqarrayd_2.3.5ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       cpqarrayd - Arraycontoller monitoringdaemon


       cpqarrayd [-d] [-v] [-t host [-t host]]


       This  program  is  capable  of  monitoring HP (Compaq) array controllers. Both the devices
       controller by the  cpqarray  driver  and  devices  controlled  by  the  cciss  driver  are
       supported.  The  program monitors the health status for each logical volume and reports if
       it changes. When used on a cciss controller it reports all events on the controller chain.

       The default is to log to the syslog facility, but the program has an option to send  traps
       to a monitoring system.


       -d     Enable debug output. Combine with -f for best effect.

       -f     Do not fork into the background. Only useful for debugging.

       -v     More verbose output during startup.

       -t <host>
              Specify  a  host  that should receive traps. You can specify this option at max ten
              times. The host is in the format host:port.


       The following exit values are returned:

       0      Successful startup.

       1      An error occurred.

       2      No supported controller detected.


       Default port is udp/161 instead of the expected udp/162. This is not really a bug,  but  a
       feature in net-snmp version 5.0.x.


       To run this program the standard way type:

       cpqarrayd -t traphost:162

       To debug run it like this:

       cpqarrayd -v -f -d -t traphost:162


       Hugo Trippaers <>