Provided by: cron-deja-vu_0.4-5.1_all bug


       cron-deja-vu - is a mail filter designed to handle recurring cron mails


       cron-deja-vu <options>


       cron-deja-vu  is  a filter for cron generated mail.  it expects mails which only differ in
       small amounts. Matching is done, by matching line by line against already  learned  mails.
       If  a mail is matched, the header X-deja-vu is set to yes. Otherwise the header is set to,
       no and if specified the header X-deja-vuline will  contain lines of the mail which did not


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -m <filename of mail>, --mail=<filename of mail>
              test against mail from filename

       -a <Maildir>, --add=<Maildir>
              build database from maildir

       -s <number of lines>, --show=<number of lines>
              show first <num> of not matched lines in header

       -d, --debug
              show debug output