Provided by: crrcsim_0.9.12-6.2build2_amd64 bug


       crrcsim - a model-airplane flight simulation program


       crrcsim [-fvhV] [-l landscape-file] [-c cdepth] [-x xres] [-y yres]
       [-d winddir] [-w windvel] [-g config-file] [-s on|off] [-u on|off]
       [-m AILERON|RUDDER] [-b nr:buttonfunc] [-i method] airplane-file


       crrcsim  is  a  model-airplane  flight  simulation  program  for Linux with ports to other
       platforms. Using crrcsim you can learn how  to  fly  model  aircraft,  test  new  aircraft
       designs, and improve your skills by practicing in the relative safety of your PC.


       -b nr:buttonfunc
              Bind a joystick button to a function.  nr is the number of the joystick button. For
              example, -b 2:INCTHROTTLE will increase the current throttle setting  by  10%  each
              time  button  #2  is  pressed.   See  section BUTTON FUNCTIONS for a listing of all
              possible functions.

       -c cdepth
              Color-depth in bits-per-pixel

       -d winddir
              Wind direction in degrees.

       -f     Start in fullscreen mode.

       -g config-file
              Specify a config file.

       -h     Display help and exit.

       -i type
              Select input method.

       -l landscape-file
              Load the landscape defined by landscape-file

              Specify which function is controlled by horizontal mouse  movement  (if  the  input
              method is set to MOUSE).

       -s on|off
              Enable/disable sound (default: on).

       -u on|off
              Enable/disable graphical user interface (default: on).

       -v     Enable  on-screen  display of some values. This option may be specified up to three

       -V     Only print version information and exit.

       -w windvel
              Wind velocity in ft/s.

       -x xres
              Horizontal resolution in pixels.

       -y yres
              Vertical resolution in pixels.


       PAUSE  Pause the simulation.

       RESUME Resume the simulation from pause mode.

       RESET  Restart the simulation with the current configuration.

       ZOOMIN Increase the zoom factor of the current view.

              Decrease the zoom factor of the current view.

              Increase the throttle by 10%.

              Decrease the throttle by 10%.


              The airplane is controlled by the keyboard.

       MOUSE  Elevator and either aileron or rudder (depending on the -m option)  are  controlled
              by the mouse. Throttle can be adjusted by using the keyboard.

              The  airplane is controlled by the joystick. Control functions can be mapped to the
              joystick axes with the -b option.

       RCTRAN Reads the PPM signal from an r/c transmitter using the parallel port and the rctran
              kernel module.

       SERPIC For PPM interfaces connected to a serial port (aka 'FMS interface').

              A different serial port interface.

              Reads the PPM signal from an r/c transmitter using the parallel port.

       AUDIO  Reads the PPM signal from an r/c transmitter using a sound card.

       MNAV   Interface to the MNAV autopilot system.

              For Walkera transmitters connected directly to the serial port.


              Default configuration file. Overridden by the -g option.


       crrcsim  was  originally  written  by Jan Kansky <>.  You may contact the
       current maintainers on the crrcsim-devel mailing list at <>.