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       crtsv - mutual converter between TSV and QDBM Curia database


       crtsv import [-bnum num] [-dnum num] [-bin] name
       crtsv export [-bin] name


       This manual page documents briefly the crtsv commands.

       The  command  crtsv features mutual conversion between a database of Curia and a TSV text.
       This command is useful when data exchange with another version of QDBM or another DBM,  or
       when  data exchange between systems which have different byte orders. This command is used
       in the above format. name specifies a database name. The subcommand export reads TSV  data
       from  the  standard  input.  If a key overlaps, the latter is adopted. -bnum specifies the
       number of the elements of the bucket array. -dnum specifies the number of division of  the
       database. The subcommand import writes TSV data to the standard output.


       A   summary   of  options  is  included  below.   For  a  complete  description,  see  the

       -bnum num
              specify the number of the elements of the bucket array.

       -dnum num
              specify the number of division of the database.

       -bin   treat records as Base64 format.


       For example, to make a database to search `/etc/password' by  a  user  name,  perform  the
       following command.
           cat /etc/passwd | tr ':' '' | crtsv import casket

       Thus, to retrieve the information of a user `mikio', perform the following command.
           crmgr get casket mikio


       qdbm(3), crmgr(1), curia(3), cropen(3).


       QDBM was written by Mikio Hirabayashi <>.

       This manual page was written by Fumitoshi UKAI <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).