Provided by: python-cssutils_1.0.2-1_all bug


       csscombine - Utility to combine several stylesheets into one.


       csscombine [options...] path...


       csscombine  may  be  used  to  combine several sheets loaded from a main sheet via @import
       rules. Nested @import rules are resolved since cssutils 0.9.6a1.

       The resulting combined sheet (optionally minified) is  sent  to  stdout,  info  and  error
       messages are handled by the normal cssutils log.

       csscombine  may also be used to change the encoding of the stylesheet if a target encoding
       is given.


       -h, --help
              Show help message and exit.

       -m, --minify
              Saves minified version of combined files, default is false.

       -s SOURCEENCODING, --sourceencoding=SOURCEENCODING
              Encoding of input,  defaulting  to  "css".  If  given,  overwrites  other  encoding
              information like @charset declarations.

       -t TARGETENCODING, --targetencoding=TARGETENCODING
              Encoding of output, defaulting to "UTF-8".

       -u URL, --url=URL
              URL to parse, path... is ignored if URL is given.



                                          April 9, 2011                             csscombine(1)