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       ctan-o-mat - Validate and upload a package for CTAN


       ctan-o-mat [options] [<package configuration>]


       This program can be used to automate the upload of a package to the Comprehensive TeX
       Archive Network ( The description of the package is taken from a
       configuration file. Thus it can be updated easily without the need to fill a Web form with
       the same old information again and again.

       The provided information is validated in any case. If the validation succeeds and not only
       the validation is requested then the provided archive file is placed in the incoming area
       of the CTAN for further processing by the CTAN team.

       In any case any finding during the validation is reported at the end of the processing.
       Note that the validation is the default and a official submission has to be requested by
       the an appropriate command line option.

       ctan-o-mat requires an Internet connection to the CTAN server. Even the validation
       retrieves the known attributes and the basic constraints from the server.


       The default configuration is read from a file with the same name as the current directory
       an the extension .pkg. This file name can be overwritten on the command line.

       The configuration depends on the features currently supported by the CTAN server.  Since
       these features can change over time the configuration is not hard-coded in ctan-o-mat. You
       can request an empty template of the configuration via the command line parameter


           Print this short summary about the usage and exit the program.

           Create an empty template for a configuration.

       --list licenses
           List the known licenses of CTAN to the standard output stream.  Each license is
           represented as one line. The line contains the fields key, name, free indicator. Those
           fields are separated by tab characters.  Afterwards the program terminates without
           processing any further arguments.

       --config <package configuration>
       --pkg <package configuration>
       --package <package configuration>
           Set the package configuration file.

           Upload the submission, validate it and officially submit it to CTAN it the validation

           Print some more information during the processing (verbose mode).

           Print the version number of this program and exit.

           Do not perform the final upload. The package is validated and the resulting messages
           are printed.

           This parameter is the name of a package configuration (see section CONFIGURATION)
           contained in a file.  If not set otherwise the package configuration defaults to the
           name of the current directory with ".pkg" appended.


       The following environment variables are recognized by ctan-o-mat.

           The value is the URL prefix for the CTAN server to be contacted. The default is
           "". The complete URL is constructed by appending "validate",
           "upload", or "fields" to use the respective CTAN REST API.


       If you need to connect to the Internet via a proxy then this can be achieved by setting
       some environment variables before running ctan-o-mat.  To redirect the request via the
       proxy simply define an environment variable "http_proxy" to point to the proxy host --
       including protocol and port as required. Note that the name of the environment variable is
       supposed to be in lower case.


       Gerd Neugebauer (


       •   The program can not be used without a working connection to the Internet.