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       nvcc - The NVIDIA CUDA Compiler

       cuobjdump - The NVIDIA CUDA Object Utility

       nvdisasm - The NVIDIA CUDA disassembler

       nvprune - The NVIDIA CUDA Prune Tool

       nsight - NVIDIA NSight, Eclipse Edition

       nvvp - The NVIDIA CUDA Visual Profiler

       nvprof - The NVIDIA CUDA Command-Line Profiler

       cuda-memcheck - The NVIDIA CUDA Check Tool


       The  main  wrapper  for the NVIDIA CUDA Compiler suite. Used to compile and link both host
       and gpu code.

       The NVIDIA CUDA equivalent to the Linux objdump tool.

       The NVIDIA CUDA disassembler for GPU code

       The NVIDIA CUDA pruning tool enables you to prune host object files or libraries  to  only
       contain device code for the specified targets, thus saving space.

       Nsight  Eclipse  Edition  is  an  integrated  development environment (IDE) for developers
       building CUDA application on Linux and  Mac  OS  X  platforms.  It  is  designed  to  help
       developers on all stages of the software development process.

       The  Visual  Profiler  is  a  graphical  profiling  tool  that displays a timeline of your
       application's CPU and GPU activity, and that includes  an  automated  analysis  engine  to
       identify optimization opportunities. The Visual Profiler is available as both a standalone
       application and as part of Nsight Eclipse Edition.

       The nvprof profiling tool enables you to collect and view profiling data from the command-

       cuda-memcheck  is  a  functional  correctness checking suite included in the CUDA toolkit.
       This suite contains multiple tools  that  can  perform  different  types  of  checks.  The
       memcheck  tool  is  capable  of  precisely  detecting  and  attributing  out of bounds and
       misaligned memory access errors in CUDA  applications.  The  tool  also  reports  hardware
       exceptions encountered by the GPU. The racecheck tool can report shared memory data access
       hazards that can cause data races.This document describes the usage of these tools.

       cuda-memcheck can be run in standalone mode where the user's application is started  under
       cuda-memcheck. The memcheck tool can also be enabled in integrated mode inside cuda-gdb.


       cuda-libraries(7), cuda-gdb(1)


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