Provided by: kdesdk-scripts_17.12.3-0ubuntu1_all bug


       cvsforwardport - forwardport the last change in a branch to HEAD


       cvsforwardport file ...


       For each file given on the command line, cvsforwardport will attempt to determine the last
       change made to the file in the primary CVS branch and  then  forwardport  that  change  to
       HEAD.  The branch name is hard-coded; see below.

       The  changes to be forwardported will be displayed on screen, and you will have the chance
       to confirm or abort before any commits are made.

       The files must be checked out from the branch when you run this utility.

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.


       The branch tag is hard-coded into the script (currently it is set to KDE_3_4_BRANCH).

       If you abort (i.e., you do not make the suggested commits), your files will be checked out
       from HEAD (and not from the branch as they were before).


       cvsbackport(1), cvsblame(1), cvslastchange(1), cvslastlog(1), cvsrevertlast(1).


       This utility was written by Dirk Mueller and David Faure.
       This  manual  page  was  prepared  by Ben Burton <> for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

                                          March 20, 2005                        CVSFORWARDPORT(1)