Provided by: cxref_1.6e-3_amd64 bug


       cxref-cpp - A modified C preprocessor to use with cxref.


       cxref-cpp ...


       To  improve  the  output  that  is  available  for the source code for cross-referencing a
       modified version of the GNU CPP v2.7.2 is supplied (named cxref-cpp).

       This modified C preprocessor allows  for  a  finer  control  over  some  features  of  the
       preprocessing  that  are  not  important  for a compiler.  In a standard preprocessor, the
       preprocessor directives are intended for use only by  the  preprocessor,  so  passing  the
       information through is not important.

       With cxref-cpp, there are some features that are different to the standard GNU CPP:

              Compared  to  gcc versions earlier than version 2.8.0 there is an extra option that
              will output the #include lines from the source file.  In version  2.8.0  and  later
              this option is present.

              Comments  trailing a #include or a #define are not preserved by all versions of gcc
              even if the -C option is used.  This is  not  important  while  compiling,  but  is
              useful for documenting.

              The  cxref-cpp program will take on the personality of the installed version of gcc
              so that the gcc header files can be parsed.  This means that it includes  the  same
              default  include  directory  paths  and  macro definitions.  The file that contains
              these definitions is called cxref-cpp.defines and is installed  by  the  cxref-cpp-
              configure program or specified by the -cxref-cpp-defines command line option.


       The same as for gcc, apart from '-cxref-cpp-defines' described above.


       cxref(1), cxref-cpp-configure(1), gcc(1)

                                           May 9, 2004                               cxref-cpp(1)